They find a poison ring from the Middle Ages in Bulgaria

They find a poison ring from the Middle Ages in Bulgaria

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Bulgarian archaeologists from Cape Kaliakra fort have found a poison ring in good condition. The area is located near the city of Kavarna, on the Bulgarian Black Sea coast. According to Boni Petrunova, the head of the excavation and director of the Sofia National Archeology Institute and Museum, this is the first find of its kind in the whole country.

The ring is made of bronze and includes a small box. It's designed for a man, probably to be worn on the little finger, estimates Petrunova.

The ring is a unique find in the inner city in Cape Kaliakra, an area that was inhabited by the aristocracy. "Since 2011, more than 30 gold jewels have been found in this depositPetrunova commented.

There is no doubt that the ring hole is made on purpose and that the ring was worn on the right hand because the hole is in such a way that it can be covered with the finger, so that the poison falls at a certain moment. Therefore, it was not a piece to wear all the time, but on specific occasions ”, clarified the expert.

The finding is a sample of the uses of poison to murder, perhaps for political reasons in a period of Bulgarian history. This poisonous substance could most safely come from Italy or Spain, because these countries were the ones that had the best commercial relations with Bulgaria.

Possibly was used in the conflict between Dobrotitsa, independent despot governor of Dobrubja from the second half of the 14th century, and his son Ivanko Terter, Petrunova explained. This confrontation could be the cause of the numerous deaths of nobles close to Dobrotitsa in the fort of Kaliakra.

Kaliakra was the capital of the short-lived principality that stretched from the Danube River delta to present-day Bourgas. The peak of its power occurred with Dobrotitsa, who possessed both military power to participate in the Byzantine civil wars and, allied with Venice, challenged Genoese naval hegemony in the Black Sea.

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