Lugo hosts a Congress on Gender, Museums and Art

Lugo hosts a Congress on Gender, Museums and Art

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The I Congress of Gender, Museums and Art will take place in Lugo between October 11, 12 and 13, 2013. This event consists of publicize the role that women have played in the history of the humanities, promoted by the feminist movement that emerged in the sixties of last century. Their intervention had repercussions on the relationship of women with men at the same time that they delved into the scientific area.

The objective of this Congress is promote equal opportunities between the two sexes, rejected sexism and through the field of education. For this, this cultural activity provides a theoretical and practical perspective on the History of women, gender, museums and art. Likewise, various women's associations whose aim is to improve the lives of many people will be evaluated. Likewise, the congress will carry out an analysis of the museums dedicated to Spanish women and their representation in the centers through images and language.

Divided into three blocks, this activity presents detailed information on Gender and History, Gender and Museums, and Gender and Art. Each thematic block will include spaces for debate, as well as round tables to facilitate the participation of attendees.

The sponsors of the I Congress of Gender, Museums and Art is the University of Zaragoza through the Master in Museums, Education and Communication, directed by Almudena Domínguez Arranz, member of the Scientific Committee.

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