Large Corinthian column found in Turkey

Large Corinthian column found in Turkey

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During the excavations being carried out in what was the Temple of Hadrian of Kyzikos in the north-western Erdek district province of Balikesir in Turkey, it has been discovered the largest Corinthian column capital in the world dating from Roman times.

The head of the excavations, the professor of the Archaeological Department of Ataturk University, Nurettin Kochan said that “this year's excavations at the temple had begun on August 15 and were due to end on October 8”. He also added that “The excavations were accompanied by a team of 30 workers, as well as members of the university and students, who were working in the western part of the temple”.

The excavation has uncovered a broken piece of a human figure, the claw of a very large eagle and the head of a bull on the temple friezes.

«The Temple of Hadrian, which is equal to that of Apollo, whose ruins are located at Didyma and which also resembles the Temples of Artemis at Ephesus, are similar in terms of size, although the former is different from the others due to the use of the gold in figures of women and the use of red and blue in their decoration. In addition, the column headings that have been found so far have been discovered in pieces, but this year the head of the column found is in one piece. The Temple of Hadrian is 116.2 meters long. The other temples are almost the same size but in Hadrian's the decorations are red and blue and the women's hair is decorated with gold.”Explained Professor Kochan.

«The largest temple column in the world is located in Balikesir"Kochan added and went on to say that,"Measuring 1.9 and 2.50 meters tall, this is the largest and most elegant Corinthian capital made within the borders of the Roman Empire. There is no other like it in the Corinthian style. This historic capital will make a great contribution to the country's tourist offer«.

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