They show that the first settlers of America came from Asia

They show that the first settlers of America came from Asia

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The American continent, from a paleontological perspective, is still a half-explored giant. Researchers from a wide variety of universities, led by Copenhagen, have sequenced the genome of a young man 12,6000 years ago belonging to the Clovis culture, whose remains were found on a farm in Montana and are the oldest in North America to date.The study of its DNA has revealed that it came from Siberia, dismantling some of the classic theories about American settlement.

These hypothesis about the original origin of the first inhabitants of the continent They have had two aspects: the one that supports the idea that they came from Siberia crossing the Bering Strait, and the one that defends that they crossed the frozen ocean from Europe to Greenland. Well, the DNA of this young Clovis seems to be the conclusive evidence that confirms the first theory.

The clovis culture It is known because it shares very similar characteristics in its lithic technology, although the origin of it is unknown. It is complicated, as the archaeologist comments Dr. ManicaSince in Asia there are no similarities between the heads of arrows and spears with those of the Clovis culture, which however do appear in Europe.

According to the doctor, Asian genome evidence from Montana boy dismantles European origin theory. According to their claims, the wave that penetrated the north of the American continent 15,000 years ago came from asia, and in America he developed the characteristic Clovis technology. Some of these settlers remained in the north, while others moved south, where we also have numerous examples of Clovis-type stone props.

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