Studies at a Georgia site reveal two possible different species of homo

Studies at a Georgia site reveal two possible different species of homo

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At the Dmanisi field in Georgia The skeletal remains of human ancestors were found that were originally attributed to the same species, the Homo erectus, which inhabited Africa and the Near East region 1.8 million years ago. However, a detailed study of the obvious physiognomic differences of the remains suggests the possibility that they are two different species.

The experts found themselves before jawbones with large differences in size, one of them much longer than the rest. The smallest are consistent with the physical model of the Homo erectus from Africa, while the biggest one is a real unknown. The hypothesis that it belongs to the family of the Homo georgianus, an unknown species that inhabited hundreds of thousands of years later in a very specific geographic area.

This theory has been developed by the paleontological team of the National Center for Research on Human Evolution of Burgos, led by José María Bermúdez de Castro. But nevertheless, the team of archaeologists at the Tbilisi National Museum disagrees and their investigations maintain that the Dmanisi site was inhabited by a single species of homosince the dating of the pieces does not exceed 1.7 million years old, so they undoubtedly belong to the genus erectus.

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