For sale the 14th century castle of Villaviciosa de Solosancho

For sale the 14th century castle of Villaviciosa de Solosancho

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The castle, located 20 kilometers from Ávila in the town of Villaviciosa de Solosancho, is now being sold for 3 million euros. The greatest incentive that potential buyers can find is the fortress, which is completely renovated, since since 1992 it has been a hotel. To this incentive is also added the antiquity and, however, the high degree of conservation in which the castle is.

According Robert Menetray, managed by the company specialized in the sale and rental of prestigious real estate, Laçois Doval; "the hotel built from a 14th century castle uniquely combines history, modern facilities and excellent gastronomy”.

Besides a long history, the building is able to cover all the needs of a large number of people. There are 2,000 square meters built plus another 1,700 square meters of a new area. Inside there are 30 rooms and 4 lounges; all decorated with a perfect mix between medieval style and modern touches.

The castle was built to control the Amblés valley and its name comes from the leader Sacho de Estrada, a descendant of Roman emperors and captain of the Knights of Avila.

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