They recover a Gauguin and a Bonnard stolen in Italy

They recover a Gauguin and a Bonnard stolen in Italy

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The two great and hitherto unknown works «Fruit on the table or small dog" from Paul gauguin Y "Woman with two chairs»From his French partner Pierre Bonnard they were stolen in London in the 1970s and later sold to an Italian worker.

For almost 40 years, the two paintings, of exorbitant value and bought for a pittance, stood hanging in the kitchen of that worker from the Fiat car company until March this year, when they recovered thanks to a long investigation process by the Italian police specialist in works of art.

An impressive story, no longer just because of the little value for which the two artworks were purchased, but because of how they were found: thanks to a student from Syracuse, who alerted the authorities to investigate the works that his father hung in the kitchen. Thus, after the relevant journalistic investigation, they found news about the disappearance of the works in London and put the pieces of the puzzle together.

The paintings, information on the theft of which has been found in the New York Times, were stolen from a London family by three men posing as technicians for the home's alarm system. The members of that family have died and the whereabouts of many of the paintings that were stolen at the time are unknown.

Italian police have opened a special department for investigations into these art thefts committed around the 70s. Last 2002 they managed to recover a stolen work by the Jewish artist of Russian origin Marc Chagall and they have also investigated the theft of old books from the Girolamini Library in Naples.

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