No. 427 'Lion' Squadron (RCAF): Second World War

No. 427 'Lion' Squadron (RCAF): Second World War

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No. 427 'Lion' Squadron during the Second World War

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No.427 "Lion" Squadron was a RCAF squadron that formed in November 1942 in Britain as part of Bomber Command. The new squadron formed around a nucleus provided by No.419 Squadron, and was able to begin operations only five weeks after forming, flying its first raid with the Wellington on 14 December 1942.

The squadron remained part of the main bomber force until the end of the war, with only two breaks - one between 27 April and 29 May 1943 when the squadron converted to the Halifax, and one between 3-11 March 1945 while it switched to the Lancaster. The squadron was one of the more stable of the war, making only one change of base in three years, when it moved from Croft to Leeming, ten miles to the south.

November 1942-April 1943: Vickers Wellington III
February 1943-May 1943: Vickers Wellington X
May 1943 to February 1944: Handley Page Halifax B.Mk V
January 1944 to March 1945: Handley Page Halifax B.Mk III
February 1945-May 1946: Avro Lancaster I and III

7 November 1942-4 May 1943: Croft
4 May 1943-31 May 1946: Leeming

Squadron Codes: ZL

Bomber squadron with No. 6 (RCAF) Group


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