How did Hitler's personal security work?

How did Hitler's personal security work?

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Considering recent events and, more generally, how top politicians move about in tank like cars and with a considerable amount of body guards it is quite surprising to see all those black-and-white clips of Hitler (with Mussolini!) travelling in an open car (or walking fully exposed in front of tens of thousands of people for the totenehrung) through narrow streets in cities.

Even though Hitler was popular, he was also clearly a very controversial person, and there were millions of Germans who had reason to assassinate him (which is proved by the numerous attempts on his life during his reign), still he seems to have been reasonably accessible for the general public (As a sidenote, this heightened security is a relatively recent invention. JFK travelled - although it didn't work out that good for him - in an open car. Not even a prime minister or president in a relatively non-violent country like, e.g., The Netherlands, would do that today. Iceland maybe?).

How was Hitler's personal security handled before the war? How come he wasn't killed by his internal enemies? Sniper rifles existed and were pretty good even in the 30s.

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